Home selling and buying are the largest financial transactions most of us make in a lifetime. But there’s more than money involved. Home is where we spend most of our relaxation time — and, during a pandemic, our work time — so it’s a place we need to feel comfortable and at ease. Wrong decisions can affect our financial and personal well-being.

This book is designed to help anyone to buy, sell or move home, whether a house, unit or flat, with the least possible trauma. It contains information on buying and selling, building and renovating, finance and agents, as well as how to move with family and pets.

Packed with helpful information, checklists and suggestions, Moving is the book for anyone considering moving home.

MOVING: An essential handbook for moving home in Australia (Paperback)

  • Also available as an ebook

  • THE HOUSEHUNTING BUG!                                                              .

    I WONDER WHAT WE’D GET FOR THIS PLACE                                  .

    HOW DO WE GO ABOUT SELLING?                                                  .

    CAN WE FIND THE HOME WE WANT?                                              .

    WE COULD DO THIS UP                                                                    .

    LET’S BUILD                                                                                      .

    WHAT ABOUT ALL THE CHARGES?                                                   .

    THE TIME HAS COME                                                                       .

    WHAT ABOUT THE KIDS AND PETS?                                                 .

    BUT IT DOESN’T FEEL LIKE HOME                                                     .

    GLOSSARY                                                                                         .

    SOURCES OF ASSISTANCE                                                                 .