I’m missing him, Father.

In ways I can’t understand

I am grieving.

I’ve been away five days on business,

and I’m missing him.

I understand missing my wife:

We talk on the phone.

I can picture her wherever she is.

We’re accustomed to the occasional parting.

But with this baby—

I just want to hold him,

to see his smile,

to hear his gurgling chatter,

to smell him,

to plaster him with my kisses.

I want it so much it aches.

Like my memories of first love:

Whenever we were apart

I could not erase her from my mind;

She infused all my thoughts.

It’s that feeling all over again—

with this baby!

Do you feel like that with me, Father?

When I go away,

even for a short time,

Do you yearn for my return?

Long to hear me talking to you again?

You, like your ancestors before you, have turned away from my laws and have not kept them. Turn back to me, and I will turn to you. (Malachi 3: 7, GNT)


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