‘You’re so like your Dad,’ she said, Father.

Like him?


I’m not like him.

He is aged.

A frame helps him walk;

The body is withered;

The face is … well, old.

I’m not like him.

His narrow waist and broad mind have morphed

To broad waist and narrow mind.

I’m not like him.

His gentle patience is punctuated with irritability

Over simple things.

I’m not like him.

And yet, I am.

I don’t want to admit it,

But I am—

his values,

his passion,

his interests,

his faith,

his way of speaking,

his expressions ….

They pervade my life too.

I hear myself saying things he says;

Thinking things he thinks;

Becoming passionate about the things which ignite him.

Am I like this with you, Father?

Do I deny that I am made in your likeness,

That I have grown more and more like you?

She said, ‘You’re so like your Dad.’

Help me to live so that she also says,

‘You are so like your eternal Father’—

Like you.

You imitated us and the Lord; and even though you suffered much, you received the message with the joy that comes from the Holy Spirit. So you became an example to all believers in Macedonia and Achaia. For not only did the message about the Lord go out from you throughout Macedonia and Achaia, but the news about your faith in God has gone everywhere. (1 Thessalonians 1: 6–8, GNT)


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