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  • Phil Ridden

Inspired by Covid: TOUCH

It's good stay 'in touch' with one another - and with God.

They touch through the glass, Father.

Old folk,

Isolated for their safety,

Longing to hold

a child,

a grandchild,

a friend,

Place a hand on the window.

It is mirrored by a hand on the other side,

And so they ‘touch’.

It’s not the same as a hug—

they cannot feel the warmth,

cannot hear whispered words of love—

But it helps.

You and I do that, Father.

Sometimes I feel your arms around me;

Feel the warmth of your touch;

Hear you whisper in my ear.

At other times,

I feel ‘out of touch’,

Unable to experience that warmth.

I know you haven’t left me.

You still reach out,

But I have created a window,

A piece of glass,

A barrier between us.

So as I reach to touch the glass, Father,

Will you touch the other side?

Because the warmth of your love,

Will melt the glass,

And bring us in touch again.

We ask our God to make you worthy of the life he has called you to live. May he fulfil by his power all your desire for goodness and complete your work of faith. In this way the name of our Lord Jesus will receive glory from you, and you from him, by the grace of our God and of the Lord Jesus Christ. (2 Thessalonians 1: 11–12, Good News Bible)