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  • Phil Ridden

Inspired by Covid: SEPARATION

Some people struggle with isolation, but we are not alone.

These are isolating times, Father.

‘Stay inside your homes.’

‘Don’t go out unless you must.’

‘Don’t visit family.’

‘Don’t gather.’

‘Don’t meet.’

‘Just don’t.’

We are separated from people we know and love—

unable to hold grandchildren,

unable to share coffee with friends,

unable to greet church family with a hug,

unable even to gather to worship you.

I understand it, Father.

I understand the need to prevent this virus spreading;

But I am separated from those I love.

But not from you, Father.

Paul said it so well:

For I am convinced that nothing can ever separate us from his love. Death can’t, and life can’t. The angels won’t, and all the powers of hell itself cannot keep God’s love away. Our fears for today, our worries about tomorrow, or where we are—high above the sky, or in the deepest ocean—nothing will ever be able to separate us from the love of God demonstrated by our Lord Jesus Christ when he died for us. (Romans 8: 38–39).

I may feel alone,

but you are here;

I may be anxious for the future,

but you are already there;

And nothing can separate me from you—