I’ve loved all her firsts, Father:

First smile;

First rollover;

First crawl;

First sitting;

First walking;

First words;

First … everything!

I’ve loved it all.

I have photos of each moment.

We recall them as we reminiscence.

Do you feel that way about my firsts, Father?

Do you recall

The first time I tried to read your word;

The first time the story of Jesus touched me;

The first time I reached out to you;

The first time I committed my life to you;

The first time I placed my future in your hands;

The first … everything?

And do you smile as you remember?

So don’t worry at all about having enough food and clothing. … Your heavenly Father already knows perfectly well that you need them, and he will give them to you if you give him first place in your life and live as he wants you to. (Matthew 6: 31–33, TLB)


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