I’m conflicted, Father.

We were longing for some time alone,

A night out,

For just the two of us.

For the first time

we have left him in someone else’s care,

And we’re not there.

But now I can’t relax.

I hear his voice and turn suddenly

to realise he’s not here.

I check my phone to make sure it’s turned on

in case we’re needed.

Should I phone to make sure he’s all right?

Should we go home?

Is he missing us?

Will the baby-sitter know how to calm him?

Will she care for him as she would her own?

Do you worry about me, Father,

When I allow my life to drift

away from your care?

When I place my trust and confidence in others

more than in you?

I thought how wonderful it would be for you to be here among my children. I planned to give you part of this beautiful land, the finest in the world. I looked forward to your calling me ‘Father’ and thought that you would never turn away from me again. (Jeremiah 3: 19, MSG)


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