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  • Phil Ridden


What happened to hope, Father?

Every generation has its troubles:

Nuclear war,

Environmental catastrophe,

Economic disaster,

Social chaos,

Cancer and other health monsters,


Homelessness and displacement,

Terrorism …

The focus shifts;

The uncertainty and apprehension doesn’t.

I worry for our youth.

Where is their hope?

We hear their protests,

But what are protests without hope,

And their song of hope is muted.

The future should be better for each generation.

If we do our parenting right, our children will have

the knowledge,

the ability,

the will,

the morality,

and the faith

To lead the world into a future filled with hope—


Other religions require achievements,



To give them any hope of a better future.

In Jesus, you have already paid the price.

You ask nothing,

Except faith,

And in return you give hope—

Hope that you wait every day to lead us;

Hope that you wait at the end of life to welcome us.

Do my words give meaning to that hope?

Does my life give substance to that hope?

Lead me; teach me; for you are the God who gives me salvation. I have no hope except in you. (Psalm 25: 5, TLB)